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IONM Accessories – A comprehensive connection strategy

We will introduce you to a broad product portfolio covering the full range of IONM Supplies and Accessories.

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The range of IONM Accessories includes an extensive selection of stimulation and recording probes and electrodes with interface cables. For those of you who have inomed monitoring devices we offer color-coded adapter boxes for recording and stimulation


As an integral part of the IONM Accessories, we provide electrodes for intraoperative nerve and muscle stimulation as well as electrodes for acquiring electrophysiological signals.

Based on over 23 years of experience, the electrodes are designed to be optimally suited to the various intraoperative neuromonitoring applications in which our IONM Accessories are used. Needle electrodes, for example, are provided in different geometrical shapes, making them easier to handle and quickly apply; special electrodes have been developed, such as the Delta electrode to monitor the recurrent laryngeal nerve in thyroid surgery.

Using our electrodes, you are equipped for all measurement methods in the field of multimodal neuromonitoring: AEP, EEG, EMG, MEP, SEP and VEP.

Stimulation probes

For stimulation of nerves and neuronal structures, as well as for electrophysiological signal recording, the range of IONM Accessories comprises a variety of hand-held stimulation probes, both disposable and reusable. Included are many bayonet shaped probes especially designed to facilitate work under the microscope. Our probes are precision-engineered based on your requirements. The quality is unmatched in the industry.

The monopolar and bipolar stimulation probes are available in different shapes, with varied tip types and handle lengths; each individually optimized for the required application.

Suitable cables to connect electrodes and probes to your monitoring system, multiple stimulation and recording boxes, software packages and spare parts complete the line of IONM Accessories.

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